Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Winter is Over, Spring is Here.

Winter is over, Spring is here and it’s time to put away those long and bulky winter coats, those woolen sweaters and Ugg boots, and step into something new and fresh for the Spring Season.

I know the old saying is that when Spring comes around it’s time for a Spring clean and that’s what I like to do, especially when I purchase new outfits. I like to pack up the Winter clothes and go through my drawers—bag up the unwanted clothes and take them to a donation shop or hand them onto a shelter to someone in need.

One of my favourite sites has some awesome new geek chic outfits to start your Spring season off with a bang, and we aren’t talking about the hit TV series “The Big Bang Theory”, but a time to re-invent you for the Spring season.

Check out a few of my favourite Springtime clothing and accessories in the new ThinkGeek Spring Style range.

Van Gogh Tardis A-Line Dress – http://bit.ly/1GBOy38

R2-D2 Yoga Pants – http://bit.ly/1a8ijw1

Wonder Woman Ladies T-Shirt – http://bit.ly/1GXIClJ

Olde Book Messenger Bag – http://bit.ly/1F3SGu1

Star Wars Symbol Scarf – http://bit.ly/1DQjwUV

Lightsaber Sunglasses – http://bit.ly/1DQjIDq

This Spring have a clean-out of your closet and head to ThinkGeek (www.thinkgeek.com) and place your order for Geek Chic Spring Style. Adios readers, I am off to place an order for the Olde Book Messenger Bag.

Fashion : Girl’s Night Out – The Marvel Five


Make Way for Marvel:

With the release of the new Avengers movie at the end of this month, it seems that Marvel inspired clothing has made a comeback and ThinkGeek offers some amazing gear. Below are five of my favourite Marvel inspired pieces that I think would look great hanging up in my wardrobe or in your drawers.

Girls, why not make a night out of it and grab your ladies and head to your local cinema and watch “The Avengers 2 : The Age of Ultron” while dressed up as your favourite Marvel character?

Sifting through the site and seeing what’s available for purchase, I think my pay cheque will be dented this month with all the cool clothing and accessories as I am definitely eyeing up a few items and adding to my shopping cart.

Check out what’s available from ThinkGeek – www.thinkgeek.com and I can guarantee you will be the coolest superhero inspired chick around.

Which of the following pieces strikes your fancy ? Which of the Marvel Five items are your favourite ?
Marvel Ladies Character Boots Knee High Socks (3pack) – http://bit.ly/1y83kh9

Women of Marvel Ladies Tank Top – http://bit.ly/1y83oNQ
Avengers Ladies Tank Top – http://bit.ly/1F3CbOm
Captain America Ladies Tank Top – http://bit.ly/1DDfIYy
Marvel Ladies Raglan – http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/hthk/

International Pi Day 2015 Fashion and Accessories


International Pi Day 2015 Fashion and Accessories
Do you love Pi? We aren’t talking about the delicious home-baked apple pies or your lunchtime filling mince and cheese or bacon and egg pies, but the mathematics symbol known as Pi.
On the 14th March 2015, all around the world we will be celebrating what is known as “International Pi Day”. It is the one moment in history, that the date and time will follow the order of numbers, we learn in the famous maths equation. The date will be 3.14.15 and the time 9.26 which in Pi terms is 3.1415926.

What’s a little Pi party though, without some fashion and accessories to go with it? One of my favourite geeky chic online stores “ThinkGeek” – has all your needs to help you celebrate this one-off mighty occasion known as International Pi Day.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the fashion and accessories available for purchase. What item could you see yourself having or wearing to celebrate International Pi Day?

For more information and orders, check out ThinkGeek @ http://www.thinkgeek.com/ because ladies, it’s all about the Pi.



Spending the Night in the BatCave

Bonking Batman Room A Sell Out Success For Hotel

If you could design a themed hotel room, where would your inspiration lie? 

Would you go for a subtle country feel or would you take it a step further and create a superhero inspired room like the owners at Eden Motel in Taiwan.

Are you a loving fan of the Dark Knight? The Beloved Bruce Wayne otherwise known as DC comics’ Batman? What would you do if you could spend a night in the BatCave?

If ever you find yourself travelling to Taiwan, be sure to check out the Eden Motel where you can now book a Batman themed room to help you fulfill all those superhero fantasies. The Batman inspired motel room is kitted out with everything Batman related from a Batman double bed, dark BatCave styled walls with a painted view of Gotham City, a Batmobile seat in front of your bat mirror and never fear as if you want to make a call from the room—next to the bed is the infamous Bat-phone.

Bonking Batman Room A Sell Out Success For Hotel

Personally, I’ve never really wanted to travel over to the Asian countries but reading about the Eden Motel in Taiwan may very well be swaying my mind as  what self-confessed superhero geek like myself would turn down a motel room decked out in Batman mode. Definitely not a DC superhero lover like myself, that’s for sure.

Readers, do not despair as if this particular room is booked the motel have several other film-inspired rooms for moteliers to rent.

Others Room include:

1)      For all those obsessed fans of Brendan Fraser’s movie The Mummy, you can spend a night in the “Mummy” themed room decked out in all its Egyptian splendour.

2)      Wanting to escape reality or prefer a bit of Fifty Shades of Grey on the side? The Alcatraz room brings the famous San Francisco prison to life and included is a pair of handcuffs for the kinky.

3)      Prefer Aquaman over Batman? Then the Eden Motel has the room for you , as the room has been designed in Aquaman’s honor with gorgeous tanks of tropical fish and an under the sea theme.

4)      In love with the Fictional detective Sherlock Holmes? Currently being built is a London themed Sherlock Holmes room.

Thinking about this Batman and other film-inspired rooms, I think if I was to design my own motel room I would go the Superman route and have my shower as a phone booth, a writing desk in the far corner with The Daily Planet sign hanging above, and the bed draped with a Superman logo duvet cover.

This is one motel where dreams and fantasies really can come true. Next time when you are thinking about travelling overseas, why not mark down Taiwan as a place to visit and come book your vacation nights at the Eden Motel.

Bonking Batman Room A Sell Out Success For Hotel

Monday, April 20, 2015

How Your Diet affects Nail Health

Woman eating an apple 


Beautiful nails from the inside out


Do you want long, shiny nails that you can decorate and show off to all your friends? Keep in mind that diet and nutrition play key roles in the way your nails look.
Your diet and your nails

Your nails can indicate whether you are anaemic, eating too much junk food or getting enough calcium in your system.
Dr Oz says, “A healthy, balanced diet can benefit your nails as well as the rest of your body. If you don't get the nutrients your body needs, your nails might reflect it. Certain nail conditions, such as horizontal ridges across your nails or brittle nails, can result from a deficiency in an important vitamin or mineral.” The acclaimed doctor recommends checking out your local dermatologist if you're worried and asking them about trying a biotin supplement.

Ways to identify your health needs:

  • Horizontal ridges in the nails can indicate previous illnesses or infections.
  • Eating unhealthy and poor diet could be displayed with vertical ridges.
  • Pale nails are frequently a sign of a lack of iron in your system -- including conditions such as anaemia.
  • Nails breaking easily or chipping can mean a lack of calcium.
  • White spots appearing on your nails? It may be time to check your zinc levels.

Solving the problems

So how can we get our diets up to scratch to ensure excellent nail growth? What type of foods and nutrients do we need to stock up on to have long-lasting beautiful nails.
  • Eat foods with calcium and zinc.
  • We all enjoy alcohol and sugary sweets, but try to consume these only in moderate amounts.
  • Eat fewer saturated fats.
  • Increase your intake of vitamins A, B, C, D and E.
  • Try foods like apples, asparagus, brown rice, cucumbers, grapes, nuts, salmon, seeds, soy, tuna and grains, all of which can help to grow strong nails.
Although eating certain foods and taking vitamins will not provide a quick-fix for your nails, it will help contribute to nail health when combined with proper care and maintenance, such as cleaning and moisturising.


5 Affordable Family-Time Ideas

Family camping in backyard

Here are the  top five affordable family-time ideas to go wild with during the school holidays. 

Backyard camping

With the summer season upon us and daylight savings in full swing, why not go on a little adventure by camping out as a family in your backyard. As long as you have a tent, you can pop that up out the back and with either sleeping bags or blankets you have ready-made beds. Why not go the whole nine yards and make it an authentic camping experience with a barbecue meal and a picnic outside and, if possible, start a little campfire. With a bag of marshmallows and kebab skewers you and your family can have smores for dessert. Backyard camping is a fun and safe activity that all ages can participate in and it can easily be an activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Board games night

Wanting a peaceful night inside? Looking to stir a bit of healthy competition between family members? Why not pull out a couple of your favourite family board games and go wild and host a board games evening. Inform the children that today will be a family day and that no TV or electronics are to be used and that you are all going to sit and play board games. Pull out and play family classics like Monopoly, The Game of Life and, if you’re children are older (e.g. 13+), Cranium is a fun and interactive game to get everybody’s minds working.

Charades and Pictionary

Everybody loves charades and, depending on the size of your family, you can split into teams or have everyone participating at the same time. Have one person doing the charade and they can pick a movie, song title or book to act out and then the rest of the family can take turns trying to guess. The family member who guesses correctly then has a turn. A similar game to charades is Pictionary, where participants have to draw something and the family has to guess what it is.

Go for a walk

A fun and free no-stress activity is to go for a walk around the local park or zoo and check out all the animals. If you have little children, take a bag of bread and feed the ducks at the local park and if you are headed to the zoo — for a reasonable price more often than not — you can purchase food at the reception to feed to the zoo animals which children love to do.

Treasure hunts

A treasure hunt is a fun and affordable activity that can be done around the house. Compile a list of clues and send your children on a treasure hunt around the house and the final destination can be a pile of chocolate coins or a treat. If they are a lot older, then you can draw a map.

Every Man Needs at Least One Suit.

Every man, no matter what they say needs at least one decent suit in his wardrobe. With this golden guide, it will help cast out those mismatched trousers and those hideous sports jackets you love so much.

1) The Suit must fit
: When trying on a suit, it must fit in all the right places. Unless you’re built like a model, an off-the-rack suit won’t fit your body shape perfectly. If you find one that fits but needs a little alteration work done, don’t be put off buying the suit. If you head down to your local tailor’s, it will cost around $40-$60 to have done but on the upside, you will be coming out with a handsome suit.

2) Choose natural fabrics:
When looking at the type of fabric the suit is, if your budget allows for it aim for 100 % wool as it’ll be perfect all year round. If you are on a tight budget, then polyester is cheaper but bewares as it doesn’t tend to wear well and it can keep smells.


3) Look after your suit and it shall last:
If you look after a suit, like most things you own it will last for a long-time. The suit jacket should be hung up on a thick, non-wire coat hanger in order to maintain its shape. Never wash your suit through the machine, always make sure that it is taken to the drycleaners. If your suit starts to have creases appearing, you can get rid of any creases by gently steaming it with an iron.


4) How to Pick the Perfect Jacket: When purchasing a suit jacket, aim for the two-button suits as they tend to work for everyone. For the skinner man, they give the body structure and for those slightly bigger guys, they tend to produce a slimming look. Though there are two buttons, the first button should be the only one buttoned up. The sleeves of the jackets, should sit about one centimetre above the shirt’s cuffs. If the jacket tends to hang off the shoulders, then it is too big. If the jacket gives a rippled look at the back, then it is too small.

5) How to finish your suit with a perfect pair of pants:
The fashion at the moment is all about the narrow pants. But in saying that, think fitted not skin-tight. And if you are to be wearing a belt, with your suit aim for a narrow belt as a bulky one tends to break the smooth lines of a great suit. When trying on the pants for size, they should sit at the top edge of your sole at the back and fall to the laces on your shoes. Showing socks is a definite fashion faux pas. To get the perfect fit, try on the suit with the shoes that you plan on wearing with it as if you try with sneakers, the fit will be completely wrong.

Happy Suit Shopping.

Hangover Cures: Tried and Tested


Gone out last night, got completely off your trolley and woken up this morning feeling headachy, nauseous, to the point of vomiting? What you’ve got mate is a case of Hangoveritis.

There’s good and bad news for all you sufferers out there. Bad news is the only way to avoid this, is stop all drinking, which come on to be honest, none of us really wants to stop completely. Good news is we have a quick guide of how to cure a hangover. Some cures you’ve bound to have heard of and tried and some are just plain weird and wacky, but do really work.

The Headache is one of the most common and nastiest of hangover symptoms. It’s the world’s worst migraine pounding, pulsing and grinding. When you normally have a headache your first instinct is to reach out for Aspirin, Panadol or Ibuprofen. These will only make you feel worse. Pain killers contain acetaminophen which in combination with the alcohol in your system can lead to extreme damage of your liver.

What your body is actually yearning for is H20; the scientific name for water. One of the best and most effective ways to ease the severity of your hangover is to drink up before you head to bed. Stomach it all like a selfish person on the verge of never being able to drink water again. If you can’t do this, take a Pump bottle when you hit the clubs /bars and guzzle down between beverages.

If you’re one of those people that can’t stand the taste of water, fruit juice (preferably orange) will help as Vitamin C counteracts with the substances in your body and leaves you feeling a little bit better. Another option is Powerade or Lucozade. Avoid caffeine at all costs. Even though it will give you a boost of energy, it will continue to leave you dehydrated.
If after you’ve drunk as much water or fruit juice as you can and your headache still persists, try Alka Seltzer Morning Relief. A friend tried this after reading it on the internet and within 15 minutes of having the worse headache of his life, he was feeling alot better. It can be purchased at a supermarket or chemist and depending where you go, prices can range from $5-$10.

Get some exercise. I know we all dread that word, but in this case as Nike says “Just Do It”. Any kind of exercise e.g. running, cycling even power walking , that gets you profusely sweating combined with 1-2 litres of water and you’ll feel refreshed and re-invigorated afterwards.

We’ve covered your Average Joe remedies to cure a hangover, now below we travel around the globe to find out what other countries swear by as well as some weird and wacky cures that have been tried, tested and proven to have worked wonders on the everyday hangover survivor.

In Poland, to cure their Hangoveritis they swear by eating rich mineral food like pickles or canned fish. Their most common cure is to drink the pickle juice, while over in Ireland it is said that the way to cure a hangover is to bury the person up to their neck in the moist river sand.

The American’s stand by two cures:

 1) The Greasy Diner Burger and Milkshake: Apparently it works like a charm and has the benefit of tasting really good. Just to top off the burger combo, the milkshake adds as an amazing final touch. It is said that the milkshake calms down your stomach and helps you relax. 

2) The New England clam chowder:  This one may seem odd, but it is a 100% guaranteed to heal you of those hangover blues. If you can’t get up the strength to find a place that makes it, then head to your nearest supermarket and purchase the can of clam chowder made by Campbell’s. If you want to spice up the flavour, add a touch of pepper. Bam-smack in an hour you will be feeling better than you possibly could imagine.

On the other side of the world travelling to Europe, where you’re bound to experience festivals such as Beerfest, their version of Clam Chowder soup is Sauerkraut Hangover Soup served with a dollop of sour cream.
Not ready for a full meal, finding it hard to keep food down; do not despair as there are several drinking remedies tried and tested to cure a hangover. Below are a few of my favourites.

1)    The Bloody Mary: This is the ultimate weapon for hangover pain, the downside to it is that the more you drink the more you will become progressively useless and you’ll be back where you started so a tip: Drink in moderation. If you can’t afford a bottle of vodka , then the Poor Man’s Bloody Mary works just as good, one drink of either and you should be revved and ready to go out and about in 15 minutes.

2)    A Banana Cow: Basically this is a mix of Banana Milkshake with a flavouring of 1 ½ oz of Rum. Bananas help with nauseating pain and are high in magnesium which helps relax those pounding blood vessels in your head.
So next time you go out drinking and wake up with a massive hangover , remember this guide and if you’re up for something different try some of our weird and wacky cures or if you’re not a risk-taker you can stick to our safe options.

Best theme ideas for your Next Party

Best theme ideas for your next party

Host a party your guests will never forget

Planning a themed adult party but not really sure what theme to go with? Why should children be the only ones who can dress up and have fun? When choosing a theme, you have to make sure it’s the right one if you want it to be a party that guests talk about for years to come for all the right reasons. So, what themes are hot this year in the world of adult parties? And which themes never go out of fashion?

Casino night

Dress up, play cards and win money. Casino-themed parties work great too as fundraisers for charity events. Set up a couple of tables of different card games or roulette. If you want to really make it a night to remember, you could also hire out a casino as the party’s location and have the real deal.

Fifty shades of fun

With the hit Fifty Shades of Grey series by E L James making its way all around the world and into women’s and even male's hands, it is no surprise that one of the most popular themed parties hitting people’s houses is based on Fifty Shades of Grey. Check out what one group of girlfriends did on their themed Fifty Shades party -- Fifty Shades of Fun weekend.

The 80s

One of the most enjoyable parties is the 1980s decade party. Dress up in neon colours, do the moonwalk with Michael Jackson, be a material girl with Madonna or belong to the A-Team. Shoulder pads and big hair is bound to ensure lots of fun.

Jersey Shore/Geordie Shore

It seems that the hit TV reality show Jersey Shore and the British version Geordie Shore have made an impact on themed parties, with women dressing up as Snooki and men dressing up as Ronnie. This theme can go hand-in-hand with a beach party. So hoist up those volleyball nets, break out the swimsuits and hang loose -- Jersey Shore theme party ideas.

The mob

Always a fun party and the best thing is you get to see everybody dressed to the nines and it might be one of the few occasions where you can get your male counterpart to actually wear a suit.

High tea

This one is for the females only. Ever wanted to go to a high tea? Dress up in your poshest outfit, don some white or black gloves and a pearl necklace. You will have the opportunity to sit and dine like a real lady without having your partner or the kids nagging you in the background. Drink tea out of fancy cups and pretend you are royalty with a grown-up tea party for you and your friends.

Bond, James Bond

Have you watched all the 007 movies and now have the fantasy to be James Bond for a night with a lovely lady on your arm and sip martinis? James Bond-themed parties are always fun and enjoyable and the best thing, like with the mob party theme, the men can wear suits and the women can break out those gold glittery dresses and high heels.

Easy Steps to Prepare for a Career Change

Easy steps to prepare for a career change

Making your move


Sick of your old job and wanting to do something different? Lost your job and now you're desperately seeking employment anywhere you can? Are you feeling scared, worried, even anxious about taking the giant step into the unknown world of change?
Changing careers can be a daunting task for anyone, however, despite that looming fear of change that might haunt us, it doesn’t have to be. With six simple steps, you will have prepared yourself for a smooth sail right into your next career choice.

Have in mind what you want

Think hard about what kind of career path you want to follow. Is the career going to make you happy? Are you passionate about the area? Is it an achievable goal, e.g. do you have the right qualifications for the job you want? For something fun and educational at the same time, a great test that you can take to find out what your work preferences are, what you are like as a person and what would suit you better as an individual is the MBTI. This test is used in many career interviews to check out your personality type. Head to Complete MBTI Test and take the test.

Explore your career options

What type of jobs are out there suited to your needs and how do we explore options for future careers? One of the best skills that anyone can have is the ability to network with others. As long as you can talk to strangers and interact like it was an everyday occurrence, networking will become like second nature. Take advantage of networking meetings and occasions and you might just meet your future employer or at least a friend of a friend who is hiring.

Get organised

An important component of any change is to work out your time schedule and allow yourself time to focus on topics like career searching, research, organising and attending network meetings. This gap time will put the focus on making your career move simple and less stressful. For example, if you have left work to become a writer, put aside chunks of time in your day to block out the world and just sit down and write. If you have a family, get them behind you as your support network. With more than yourself pushing you, you are more likely to achieve your goals and feel happier in the process.

Build your skills

While you have some spare time, why not head to your local TAFE or university and pick up a class or two. Depending on the career choice you have picked, there might be a course being held that will bring you up to scratch or help you build some skills you might be struggling with.

Get coached

Need help getting motivated and finding the next step in moving forth with your career change? Why not hire a career or life coach to give you that extra shove in the right direction. A coach will be there to help you and hold your hand with every step of the journey. Can’t afford a coach? Check out the book The Portable Coach by Thomas Leonard or The Winners Bible by Dr Kerry Spackman.

Take the giant leap

Whether it’s been a few weeks or a couple of months, or maybe even a year, once you are ready to move on to the career of your choice, take the leap and believe everything will turn out for the best. By now you would have thought about all the risks, pros and cons of where you want to be and the job will almost feel like a part of your life. Just remember, you are not alone in the world of career changes and the feelings that come with it. Everyone in the world has been in your shoes, at least once or twice.



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