Sunday, July 12, 2015

Celebrity Inspiration and How it Affects You.

This Week's #NZ Bloggers Blog Greatness Challenge was the words "Celebrity Inspiration". 

I had a couple of Ideas for this , the first was I was going to try and make a celebrity inspired set on Polyvore but that was a fail as it's a site that I need a little more practice on first before actually "officially" creating something to show the world.  Then It got me thinking staring at the word Celebrity Inspiraton and realised that without celebrity inspiration, most of us would be nothing and we would cease to exist in a matter of speaking . Our lives are often dictated by Celebrity Inspiration - what she wore, what make-up she uses, what diet a certain celebrity does and how it worked wonders for her - so it should for us. In a world that is becoming more social media orientated and as the web grows , we become more and more exposed to "celebrities" and on a deeper level the "celebrity inspiration" truck. 

Growing up, I have always liked pretty things but have never been one for make-up as I wasn't allowed to wear it in my house as my Dad didn't allow it and the same goes for the Short skirts , revealing clothing etc. I had a pretty strict father, when I turned 18 though - I experiemented a little in clothing but found myself I wasn't comfortable in that and I didn't appreciate my body the way I think we should. My sister on the other hand, did the opposite and now she wears make-up everyday, wears somewhat revealing clothing or clothing that I would be like I couldn't wear, even though she is a bit bigger than me.

For Me, Certain Celebrities Inspired Me in different ways : 

Audrey Hepburn - I loved her movies, her witty humour and the way she always dressed so elegantly. 

Julia Stiles - I loved her character in Ten Things I Hate About You , the misunderstood writer girl who seemed to be a rebel at the same time. When her character wanted to go to Sarah Lawerence - it became my dream college choice and I often wondered if I ever lived in the States - that's where I would go to college.

Spencer Hastings aka
Troian Bellisario - From the show Pretty Little Liars , Spencer Hastings has a dress style that I love , it's the whole preppy girl look which ever since watching the movie "Clueless" when I was younger I always wanted and now my dress style sits somewhere between Preppy and Casual.

Aria Montgomery aka Lucy Hale - She is also from the show Pretty Little Liars and I love her outfits as she dresses like I would "Love" to if I was a bit more comfortable in my body shape and extroverted.

Michelle Tracthenberg aka Harriet The Spy - Ever since I watched the movie Harriet The Spy, I wanted to be a journalist as I loved writing - this helped pave the way to a someday career for me.

Celebrities inspire us all in different ways, whether it be the outfit you just chose , the make-up brand that you are wearing because Scarlet Johansen wore it , the music we listen to because you love the colours that Katy Perry dyes her hair. 
No matter what inspires you, we all have celebrities to thank for it and sometimes I do wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing ? 

Which Celebrity Inspires you and How does it Affect Your Life ?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Tirama, Tirama Matariki aka Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

This Week's #NZBloggers Challenge was an interesting one as the word is "MATARIKI".

For those who aren't from the shores of New Zealand, you are probably going what the heck is Matariki. 

Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter – late May or early June. For many Māori, it heralds the start of a new year. Matariki literally means the 'eyes of god' (mata ariki) or 'little eyes' (mata riki).

In my day job, I work as a Children's and Teen Services Librarian at Greerton Library in Tauranga and one thing in the libraries that is big around this time is "MATARIKI" and we try and incorporate into our children's programmes. 
 One of the children's programmes that I run is called Toddler Time - which is a weekly programme for children aged 0-4 years where I sing songs and read stories.

So for my Matariki Post , I thought I would share with you the Maori Version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star titled 'Tirama, Tirama, Matariki"  in this song it also highlights and lists the names of the seven stars within the Matariki Cluster.

Tirama , Tirama Matariki
Waiti    Waita   

Tupuanuku  Tupuarangi  
Ururangi e

Tirama , Tirama Matariki

 Do you participate in Matariki ? What activities have you done to help celebrate Matariki ?



Style with Black Widow (The Avengers)

With the whole gender equality issue lately , it seems that women are finally being allowed to "officially" be part of the Superhero Pack - we are slowly creeping up to the frontline instead of hiding in the shadows while the men heroes get all the credit for the villans we help bring down.

Here are some Awesome Black Widow Swag , that Black Widow Fans can get their hands on to help celebrate that Women can be Superheroes too.

#Hot Topic has released an Avengers Inspired Fashion Line - where you can purchase the above Black Widow Inspired Outifits  -


# At the moment , I have been obsessed with collecting Pop Funko Figures and check out this cute Black Widow Pop Funko -

wlf bw shirts

#WeloveFine Clothing has an awesome range of Black Widow T-Shirts @
bw shirts

#Her Universe offers Plus-Size clothing for Fans of Black Widow and The Avengers.


# You can never have enough Pillows with this Avengers Assemble Pillow.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Be Stylish with Bookish Jewellery

In a world where Jewellery was once something gold, pretty and only specific people wore is now something that everyone know matter what your personality is, you can find pieces to suit you and your hobbies or likes.

For me , one of my favourite things is Books and so I bring to you a spotlight of some of my favourite Bookish inspired Jewellery pieces.

Book Spine Bracelets

Book Spine Bracelets 

Alice In Wonderland 'Drink Me' Bottle Pendant

For the Alice in Wonderland Fans : A Drink Me Bottle Necklace .

 Oscar Wilde in a Jar Earrings - FREE SHIPPING. $ 16.00, via Etsy.

For the Oscar Wilde Fans inside all of us , we can have his words bottled up and literally hanging from our ears with these Oscar Wilde Earrings - these can be found on Etsy for $18 with Free Shipping.

Dr. Seuss Book Cover Charm Bracelet

 Love the Children's classics that were brought to us by the famous Children's author Dr. Seuss , with this cute charm bracelet - you can have all his book covers hanging from your wrist. 

Penguin Books Earrings Made With Vintage Paperback Covers

 Inspired by one of the longest standing publishing companies - we have Penguin Books Logo as earrings. Again these can be purchased on Etsy for 18 pounds.

Do you have any bookish inspired jewellery sitting in your jewellery boxes or on your dressing tables ?
Is there a piece that captures your attention ? Let us know by commenting below ?


An American Winter Experience

Winter , you either love it or hate it . Which are you ? 
For me , I have always been a Winter baby - this could mostly be because I was born in Winter as I will be celebrating my birthday on Tuesday 7th July. I am also one that cannot handle alot of heat , it's so hard - as often at work they have the heat pump and air conditoner going and it's set at 24C and I find myself stripping down to my T-shirt as others are coming in wearing their jumpers etc and saying the sentence I hate the most " Aren't you cold ? ". It's like REALLY , Do you think that I am that stupid - that if I was even the remotely bit cold that I wouldn't put my jumper on ? 

Ever since I was a little girl though, growing up and watching all those American tv shows - my dream was to spend a Winter in America.  Imagine the Snow , sitting in front of  a fireplace all wrapped up and drinking hot chocolate . Very Romanticised thinking there Sherlock .

My wish however did come true , but it wasn't at all how I imagined it. It was freaking freezing yet amazing at the same time , as in December 2013 - which was not only the best time but the worst time of my life. 

The Best part was that I got to go on a trip of a lifetime all around parts of America.  It was an adventure in itself as when we arrived , we learned that America was just starting to have what the majority of the world called "a freak snowstorm" as our first destination was Texas and hello - it doesn't snow in Dallas, Texas - but it did and I had five flights cancelled in a row and then they lost my luggage for six days. How fun. I did however get to experience my first snow and despite the cold - it was fun. 

Eventually, we got the luggage back and started to experience different parts of America in "Wintertime".  San Francisco was amazing - our hotel gave us free hot chocolates with toppings or hot apple cider - never again I made the mistake of drinking it quickly as I burnt the roof of my mouth and my tongue "ouch" . It was quite funny and hard-case in San Fran, as the weather to me felt like a New Zealand Spring/Summer day and here I was in a tshirt and jeans and walking past people who were wearing Ugg Boots and wrapped up in big puffa jackets and scarves/gloves - the whole shebang.

Then we moved on to Boston and I got to experience my first snow falling flurry along with what really "ICE COLD" rain feels like as it started pouring and by the time I got back to the hotel and stripped down - my layers were soaked and my skin was literally bright pink and it was definitely "jump in the showertime". 

Then the final destination was New York , again was very cold in New York - had polypros , and three layers of clothes on and one evening we had popped out to get Pizza Hutt for dinner and we literally only walked like 5 minutes from our Hotel and I felt the first stages of frost bite as my fingers had gone from the feeling of cold to literally burning - and yes , I had left my gloves in my hotel room as I was like Oh, its not that cold but it was .
Winter in America - though its always romanticised in movies, television and in books. It has it's upsides but mostly it's freaking cold and freezing and not that much fun to be honest unless you love being cold and wet.

Here concludes, my Winter post as part of the #NZBloggers Blog Greatness Challenge.

What is your best part of Winter ?


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